The Little Steps of Life
I love cats. I love sexiness. I love butts. I love chest. I love to laugh. That's that. Ask me anything you want. I am here for advice, but I'm also here to accept advice.
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Oda A Chibilub

En Chibilub,
La gente puede volar como los pajaros
Sus sonrisas son la luna, dandole luz a lo escuro
Se puede mirar las estrellas en los ojos de todos
En Chibilub,
No puedes resistir el sentimiento de felicidad
Porque aunque no sea perfecto el mundo
Saben que cada respiramiento es un milagro
La gente encuentra una bellesa en todo
Como cuando piden por lluvia
Entiendiendo que para poder vivr,
Se tiene que oscurir un poco
Para poder vivir,
Se tiene que sentir el dolor un poco
Piden la lluvia
Porque saben que hasta el cielo necesita llorar y gritar de ves en cuando
En Chibilub, pues
Siempre abra manera de encontrar sus alas, y volar

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"Yes hello, I’d like to make a de-paws-it."
"That’s funny."
"My finances are not a fucking game, Jessica."

"Yes hello, I’d like to make a de-paws-it."

"That’s funny."

"My finances are not a fucking game, Jessica."

Cuddle Sesh Haikus

"Are you cold" he asked
And I turned to steal the warmth
Of his lips and found
A new happiness
In the way he made sure to
Hold me tightly like
The first drop of a
Rollercoaster. This new thrill
Has turned infinite

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Song: Chasing Cars
Artist: Snow Patrol
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I leave in a few hours and I’m nervous… But this song reminds me that I have a friend willing to just simply be… to chase cars with.


the next avatar


the next avatar

My thoughts at Starbucks talking to the new guy

Inner dialogue: Wow… he’s good.
But he isnt Felipe :(


The wind whispered,
It asked me where you are
I answered you’re in my heart
It ran through my ears then pierced my lungs

The wind went out of my sigh
It told me one thing,
"There’s no one there in your heart
He already left you behind.”

Friendships That Inspire Me

  1. Meredith and Christina from Grey’s Anatomy
  2. Scott and Stiles from Teen Wolf
  3. Taystee and Poussey from Orange is the New Black

They give me hope

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